CRNI & Cartoonists Under Threat

Cartoonists Rights Network International - the human rights organisation for cartoonists whose life, liberty or livelihood are threatened by governments, corporations and extremists - are currently undertaking efforts to increase their capacity to help clients such as Atena Farghadani and Zunar, the latter making news headlines even as I write this.

I was an invited guest at CRNI's workshop in September, convened at the wonderful Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum on Ohio State University campus, Columbus along with delegates from Argentina, Canada, Croatia, Kenya, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines and the USA.

At the conclusion of our time together I was one of three new board members voted in to increase regional representation within the organisation. My first engagement in this new role was to deliver a talk about cartoonists under threat at the annual general meeting of the Scottish Artists Union.

My remarks can be found on the SAU website; more on this at CommonSpace and the PCO blog has picked up the story too.

Should anyone reading this who makes cartoon images in the UK or elsewhere find that their work leads to harassment, threats, intimidation or attacks of any kind please feel free to contact me, all in the strictest confidence.

I hope to write more about CRNI in future blog posts. Please consider donating in support of their important work.