Drawn Out Podcast - Halfway on Series 1!

Today's episode of Drawn Out features the Bafta winning animator Will Anderson, one half of the white robot team out of Edinburgh. It was a very enjoyable conversation, one of my favourites from the entire series and I hope that comes across in the recording.

I think that with this episode and next week's featuring John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs aka Metaphrog the project has really hit its stride. I try to keep things fairly breezy but at the same time my wish has always been that the artists invited on mic feel conformable enough to give a little bit of personal insight and reveal something of their process, the mindset with which they approach drawing. It's the kind of stuff that can be hard to articulate in an interview but (hopefully) is a bit easier when talking to another cartoonist and (double hopefully) of more interest to the listener than prosaic details of preferred pens or software.

At this point is possible to see some recurring themes. Almost all the cartoonists I've spoken to have had something to say about the difficulties they've encountered making a living from their art. Many are working other jobs or have the security of some secondary source of income. Several have said that they can no longer rely (if they ever did) on the traditional sources of work for cartoonists, especially newspaper, magazine, comics or book publishers.  Those working in that sector at the moment have had to prove their mettle on years of self-published (and therefore self-funded) projects.

It's been inspiring to hear first hand from some extremely hard working and innovative people. Cartoonists are making their own opportunities, as well they might. Of course in this part of the world we're lucky to have a measure of freedom in which to do so. Elsewhere being an industrious cartoonists is an invitation for sustained harassment from an intolerant government.

If you haven't listened before all the episodes are available via the website and of course it's on iTunes, Stitcher and all the various apps for podcast listening. Ratings, reviews and comments are very welcome.

Thanks again to Heard Yet Media for the opportunity to create something a little bit different.