Sunday Herald Essay of the Week

Happy New Year.

The essay of the week in today's Sunday Herald is my reflection on the threats faced by cartoonists around the world in the past twelve months. The first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo murders lies ahead, but even if that atrocity had not taken place 2015 would have gone down as the worst year on record for the censure, harassment, prosecution and persecution of colleagues using visual satire to speak truth to power.

For those of you who can get hold of the print edition you'll note that there's more than a touch of irony in the graphical layout of the piece. Even though the overarching point being made is about the unique power of cartooning, the page designer has seen fit to relegate a few cartoons to an inferior position compared to a comically large Photoshopped element. C'est la vie.

As ever, please follow and support Cartoonists Rights Network International for the latest information on all the embattled cartoonists mentioned.