Scottish Parliament marks Charlie Hebdo anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks that centred around cartoonists and staff at Charlie Hebdo's office in Paris.

The Scottish Parliament will mark the occasion this afternoon with a debate in the main chamber following the First Minister's usual questions. Thereafter the parliamentary Cross Party Group on France will host a meeting "focused on reflecting on the attacks a year on and what the situation currently looks like for cartoonists and freedom of expression".

Following a gracious invitation from Christian Allard MSP I will lead the discussion, giving the attendees an overview of cartoonists under threat and CRNI's work in their defence.

It's great to return to the parliament once again and contribute to this very worthwhile event.

UPDATE: Live video of the debate and a transcript are available on the Scottish Parliament's website. At both the debate and discussion meeting we were joined by Fiona Hyslop, the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe & External Affairs. I'm grateful for her interest in the plight of cartoonists such as Malaysia's Zunar and Iran's Atena Farghadani. I spoke to BBC Radio Scotland later in the day and those in the UK can listen here (from 01:19:40)