Speaking Engagements: Spring 2016

I will be speaking on behalf of Cartoonists Rights Network InternationaI at three events around the UK in the next few weeks:

It's a pleasure to be invited to contribute to each. I'll be reflecting upon events since the Charlie Hebdo attacks last year, the reality for cartoonists plying their trade in parts of the world where regimes are intolerant of dissenting voices and the cases of most concern to CRNI.

As ever any cartoonists who feel they require assistance or support from CRNI are encouraged to make contact.

In addition I will be doing some live drawing of speakers during the Scottish Artists Union's Cultural Hustings in Edinburgh on the 27th of April, taking place ahead of the Scottish parliamentary election. The event is free but ticketed. It can be followed on social media using #SAUhustings

Finally, the Fizzers®: 10 Years of Caricature exhibition will include a programme of talks and workshops during its run. Further details in the coming weeks.

POSTSCRIPT 20/06/16 - the CRNI blog now has a report on my run of speeches from earlier this year.